Looking At It Another Way

you avoid projects at work that have the potential for failure? A 30-minute risk-taking test evaluated by psychologists, statisticians, and artificial intelligence specialists at PsychTests.com will weigh your comfort level with risk-taking and its effect on your career.

Create your own luck. “Almost everybody has had their life shaped by a series of unplanned events. [We need] to learn to take advantage of them and create events that will shape our lives, rather than waiting for them to happen,” says Krumboltz. He adds that waiting for opportunity to knock doesn’t work. You can take positive action to open up opportunities even when you don’t know the outcome by:

Making a list of obstacles that you believe have limited your career progression so far. Go down the list and challenge each of the obstacles.

Keeping your tools current by taking courses, attending seminars, and asking your manager for growth assignments.