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Looking For Competitive Advantage

Myers likes Fisher Scientific International Inc. (NYSE: FSH), a company that provides clinical laboratory products in the U.S. and products for scientific research worldwide. “What’s driving the growth in this stock are the investments being made in research and development in the healthcare field,” says Myers. “We’re looking at revenue growth of 5% to 7% and earnings growth of 10% to 12% annually.”


Company (Exchange: Symbol) Price* 12 to 18 Month Price Target P/E on Projected 2005 Earnings Est. 5-Yr. Annual EPS Growth Rate Why Stock Will Outperform
The First American Corp. (NYSE: FAF) $38.74 $50.00 10 12% Company has lowered its operating costs and improved its client data services.
Tiffany & Co. (NYSE: TIF) $31.23 $38.00 21 12% Local and overseas retail expansion should increase company market share and boost revenues.
Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ: CMCSA) $32.04 $40.00 30 14% Upgraded product offerings and discounted service packages give the company a competitive edge.
Fisher Scientific International Inc. (NYSE: FSH) $62.35 $72.00 16 12% Investments in scientific research and development should boost company revenue growth and earnings.