Louisiana Mother Convicted Of Murder After Pushing Her Children Into Lake

Louisiana Mother Convicted Of Murder After Pushing Her Children Into Lake

Louisiana mother Ureka Rochelle Black has been convicted of killing her 10-month-old son and causing injury to his five-year-old brother after pushing them into a lake in 2021. 

According to PEOPLE, Black, 34, is facing life in prison at her upcoming sentencing on Sept. 28. The Shreveport woman was convicted of attempted second-degree murder and second-degree murder on Wednesday, Sept. 13, by a jury who deliberated for less than an hour.

A press release from the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office noted that Black turned away the offer of legal counsel and represented herself instead. 

The crime occurred in 2021. Black reportedly threw both of her children into Cross Lake; unfortunately, her youngest drowned before first responders could arrive. Five-year-old Elijah was saved before drowning, and he told responding officers that his mother pushed him into Cross Lake.

Elijah described the incident as taking place on his birthday.

“My mother rolled me into the water. I was at the top of the bridge,” the young boy explained. “Mom said it was good water and then rolled me into the water. My mom says I have germs.”

Elijah told first responders that his younger brother was still in the car when he was pushed into the water below.

Black tried to flee the scene in a Dodge Caravan trying to cross the Texas and Louisiana state lines and was arrested by the Waskom Police.

Black’s sisters shared that she had persistent and untreated mental health issues.

“People painting a picture of her being just this terrible, terrible person like she’s just a monster, like she just intentionally tried to do these things. That’s not the case. The most important thing I want to point out is mental illness,” Pycolyia and Felicia Black told KSLA.

“She needed mental help. We didn’t have the sources. She grew up feeling alone, not wanted, not loved.”

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