Louisiana State Troopers Bragged About Beating Black Man in Group Text

Louisiana State Troopers Bragged About Beating Black Man in Text Messages

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Several Louisiana state troopers texted each other about beating up a Black suspect when he surrendered following a high-speed car chase.

According to filings that were first reported earlier this month by local blog Sound Off Louisiana, state trooper Dakota DeMoss sent a text to three other white officers about an “a—whoopin” given to Antonio Harris.

The Hill reported Louisiana state police wrote in the filing that the exchange came after Harris was sent to jail. DeMoss bragged about the beating with fellow officers Jacob Brown, who resigned Friday, and George Harper.

“How was his attitude at the jail?” fellow officer Jacob Brown asks, according to The Washington Post.

“Complete silence,” trooper George Harper replied.

“Lol he was still digesting that a– whoopin,” DeMoss said.

“It’s gonna take him a couple days,” and “he’s gonna be sore tomorrow for sure,” Brown added. “BET he won’t run from a full grown bear again.”

“Bet he doesn’t even cross into LA anymore,” DeMoss says.

Harper then says “GRIZZLY. Nah, he gonna spread the word that’s for d— sure.”

DeMos also says “He’s gonna have nightmares for a long time.”

Brown then texts “lmao…warms my heart knowing we could educate that young man.”

The three officers are all currently on administrative leave and a spokesperson for the Louisiana State Police said it could not comment on a pending investigation. All three officers and another officer, Randall Dickerson, were arrested last month on charges of simple battery and malfeasance following a two-year investigation.

Harris was arrested in May 2020 and DeMoss, Harper, and Brown used excessive force and allegedly turned off their body cameras during the chase. Brown is also accused of falsifying arrest reports. Brown and Dickerson also face charges of using excessive and unjustifiable force related to a 2019 traffic stop.

Last month, another Louisiana state officer, Master Trooper Kory York, was suspended without pay for kicking and dragging a handcuffed Black man whose in-custody death remains unexplained and the subject of a federal civil rights investigation.