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‘Rumor Has It’ Lupita Nyong’o Being Considered For Disney’s Live-Action ‘The Princess and the Frog’

Disney has been in their bag creating live-action movies for all the animated favorites. Up next is The Princess and the Frog, with Oscar-nominated actress Lupita Nyong’o allegedly being a favorite for the role, Love B Scott reports.

Nyong’o would play the beloved role of Princess Tiana, the Black Bayou beauty, in search of her forever love. Actress Anika Noni Rose voiced the role in the 2009 movie, leaving Disney fans curious on social media why she isn’t a front-runner for the role.

While fans credit the Black Panther star for her acting skills, most Disney fans already have their eye on a rising star to secure the role—CoCo Jones. “But I want Coco Jones like Disney owes her,” one fan wrote. Another said, “I think she fits the role but I was hoping for Coco Jones.”

Of course, as rumors start to fly about the creation of the film, the doors open for racism to take part. According to Fandomwire, racists are vying for white actress Emma Stone to play the part—crediting her role as the villain in Cruella de Vi.

If the rumors are true about Disney developing the live-action version, fans are hoping veteran actor Keith David, who lent his voice as the movie villain, Dr. Facilier, will make an appearance. However, according to David, he hasn’t been approached yet. “I’m not sure if this is true, but I do know that @Disney has not asked me to reprise the role of Dr. Facilier!”

While the animated version wasn’t a box office smash, it has become a cult favorite overtime, even prompting the renaming of Disney World’s Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Nyong’o already has Disney roots, playing Raksha in the live-action The Jungle Book and the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Maz Kanata.