Magic Johnson Latest Victim of L.A. Swatting Prank

Magic Johnson is Latest Victim of L.A. Swatting Prank

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference in 2013. (Image: File)

As a number of Los Angeles-based celebrities have fallen victim to the California swatting prank–which, if you’re not familiar, is when people place distraught 911 calls about celebrity homes when in fact there is nothing wrong–and Magic Johnson has found himself to be the latest pranking target.

According to TMZ, someone dialed 911 late yesterday afternoon–Pacific Time–alerting police that several shots were fired at Magic’s home.

“We’re told the caller claimed the shooters were holding someone hostage,” the media outlet reported. But as police are catching on to the swatting motif, “only a few patrol cars responded.” And unlike prior unknown swatting incidents, “there were no choppers, no SWAT team, no guns-drawn maneuver.”

Police were able to immediately name the call as a prank upon their arrival.