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Managers: Your ‘Inner Jerk’ Is Costing Your Company

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

There can sometimes be a fine line between being an authoritative leader and being a jerk. With managers faced with pressures to meet revenue requirements, many can often find themselves succumbing, with stress manifesting in the way they treat their subordinates. But toxic attitudes can not only ruin a team dynamic. It can also cost your company and lead to ineffective results.

Inc. writer Geoffrey James details how you can overcome your your inner jerk and get winning results from your team. He offers the following insights:

1. Understand the financial fisk: Bossholes cost companies revenue and profit–big time. “Bossholes drive away talented people and force otherwise useful folk to follow around after and clean up the emotional messes they leave,” explains Robert Sutton, author of the bestsellers Good Boss, Bad Boss and The No A****** Rule.

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