Journalist Mara Schiavocampo Talks Juggling Career Demands and a 90 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Journalist Mara Schiavocampo Talks Juggling Career Demands and Weight Loss

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What tangible tips do you have for women who are trying to figure out when and how they can start their fitness journey while juggling a busy career?

The first thing I will say is don’t give yourself any excuses because if you look for an excuse you will find it. In terms of tangible tips, when it comes to meal prep you don’t have to cook every day. It’s really hard to come home from a long day of work and cook dinner because you are tired. My suggestion is to cook once a week. For me it’s Saturday or Sunday. Spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen preparing the food that you will eat for the entire week and then freeze half of it and put the other half in the fridge so when you come home from a long day you don’t have to cook. All you have to do is microwave. So that’s been one of the key things for me.

In terms of working out, I really strongly recommend that people work out first thing in the morning because the longer you put it off the more opportunity there is for things to get in the way.

While on this fitness journey, have you seen how being healthy has played a role in your career success?

It’s interesting because it’s a completely different coping mechanism. So it’s not that the job or the stresses of the job have changed, I have changed in the way that I respond to them. I respond in a much healthier way and very practical way in that I’m more resilient. I’m able to deal with things more effectively. I’m able to bounce back from particular stresses or disappointments much more effectively. So it’s helped me in dealing with some of the stresses of work.

When people go pick up Thinspired, what’s one of the big take aways you want them to have when reading about your fitness journey?

That small goals are the key to every success in life, and that they can do it if I have done it and am doing it. There is nothing unique about me. I’m not strong or athletic. I’ve had this struggle my whole life. I want people to feel really empowered on this journey and to have the tools they need to move forward and reach their goals.