Maryland Sheriff Claims Biden Has Abolished ICE, Making Immigrant Communities Less Safe
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Maryland Sheriff Claims Biden Has Abolished ICE, Making Immigrant Communities Less Safe

ICE Agents Arrest a man. Image: Youtube/@VOANews

A Maryland sheriff believes Americans and immigrant communities will not be safe under the Biden administration due to the president’s immigration actions.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins appeared on Fox and Friends Monday and said Americans should be “outraged” at Biden’s immigration actions and argued that the Biden administration has dismantled the agency by “basically telling the agents to stand down.”

“These types of laws lead to more victims of crime, more violent crime [and] gangs infiltrating this country,” Jenkins said on Fox & Friends Monday.

Jenkins made the comments in response to a Washington Post story that reported that under the Biden administration, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will no longer attempt to deport immigrants for crimes such as driving under the influence and assault and will focus instead on national security threats, recent border crossers, and people completing prison and jail terms for aggravated felony convictions.

According to the Post, ICE agents have expressed frustration at the agency’s new guidelines. Many believe it will significantly constrain the agency’s ability to arrest and deport criminals.

On the same day he was inaugurated, Biden signed a number of executive orders, including several addressing ICE and immigration. The orders include creating a task force to reunite children separated from their families at the border and providing support to Central and South American countries to slow the migration of immigrants.

Biden also ordered ICE to halt deportations beginning Feb. 1 for 100 days. However, a Texas judge halted the Biden order, and, as a result, ICE has deported hundreds of Haitians and Jamaicans.

Under new orders, the agency will conduct fewer arrests and deportations while directing resources toward national security, sex trafficking, gangs, felons, and recent arrivals.

When asked why he thinks Biden is taking these actions, Jenkins told Fox and Friends he believes Biden’s administration is “angry” at former President Donald Trump.

“All of the strides that he made in stronger immigration enforcement over the past four years, they’re totally being undone and dismantled,” Jenkins said.