Master American Sign Language With This Set Of Courses

Master American Sign Language With This Set Of Courses

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Like many Gen Z-ers her age, Nakia Smith has a massive following on TikTok. But she doesn’t share viral dance routines that much, nor does she often participate in challenges. Instead, she’s famous for her videos on sign language lessons—particularly Black American Sign Language (BASL)—and insights on issues the hard-of-hearing face. 

BASL is the sign language equivalent of the ‘Blackcent,’ and you can learn all about it through Smith’s TikTok account. But to get baseline knowledge of the American Sign Language, you can receive a primer from the Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle, which is currently on sale for an extra 20% off.

Taught by Able Lingo, a platform that offers customized English and American Sign Language courses to students from around the world, this instructional package will teach you ASL in a simple yet effective way, with lessons spanning from the alphabet to phrases you can use every day.

Consisting of a whopping 21 courses, this bundle pulls all the stops when it comes to teaching you the ABCs of ASL. It kickstarts with basic fingerspelling skills and signing multiple letters and then jumps on to teaching you essential vocabulary words.

The rest of the lessons are centered on vocabulary words and sentences you can use day-to-day. You can expect to sign, recognize, and understand personal pronouns, personality adjectives, parent and child phrases, days of the week, places, and so much more. There’s also training on fingerspelling, as well as facial expressions and head movements, so you’ll have no trouble understanding and communicating statements and questions.

By the end of all 21 courses, you’ll have the confidence to fully converse in ASL and open up a new world. Get Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle for $15.99 (reg. $4179) with code WELOVEDAD. That’s less than $1 per course.

Prices subject to change.