Master Productivity And Efficiency With This Google Workspace Training

Master Productivity And Efficiency With This Google Workspace Training

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Google is known for executing massive rebrands every few years or so. Last year, they killed Google Play Movies & TV to make way for Google TV. They also retired Adwords and replaced it with Google Ads. G Suite, which is their slate of productivity apps, wasn’t immune to this overhaul streak, as it had been upgraded to Google Workspace.

The rebranding is very apt, considering how the platform features tools that thousands of organizations across the globe use. Aside from Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, it also comes with apps that make remote working a breeze.

Given the multitude of programs available within the Workspace environment, it can be hard to explore each app. Fortunately, the 2021 Ultimate Google Workspace Certification Bundle offers training on tools like Ads, Sheets, Trends, Apps Scripts, Analytics, and more. You can grab it on sale for an extra 20 percent off for a limited time.

Packed with 36 hours of training, this package is designed to help you be a master of productivity and efficiency. Experts like Joshua George and Laurence Svekis will guide you through making the most out of the apps in the Workspace.

Expect to learn how to master Google Ads, create custom functions to boost your workflow efficiency, use shortcuts on Sheets, and perform keyword research using Trends. You’ll also gain a fundamental understanding of Google Data Studio to monitor your website’s performance, optimize listings better with Google My Business, create beautiful presentations via Slides, and analyze web traffic with Google Analytics.

By the time you finish, you’ll be the most productive worker out there. Get the 2021 Ultimate Google Workspace Certification Bundle for $24.02 (reg. $2189) with code WELOVEDAD.

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