McDonald's Promises To Bolster Diversity Within Its System

McDonald’s Promises To Bolster Diversity Within Its System

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McDonald’s has promised to improve diversity at all levels of its systems, including franchisees and suppliers in a worldwide digital meeting Wednesday.

The international burger chain held its first Worldwide Connection Overview, a digital convening of operators, suppliers, and employees worldwide Wednesday. In the meeting, company executives acknowledged they need to do better at creating a culture of equality, fairness, and opportunity where these values don’t have to be marched for but are expected as soon as employees and customers walk in the door.

As part of that, McDonald’s has promised to address hiring bias, reduce barriers for underrepresented populations, increase the diversity of its leadership to represent the communities they serve, and hold suppliers accountable as well.

“These actions and others will be underscored by a Mutual Commitment to Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion,” McDonald’s announced in a press release. “This is a pledge that asks anyone who does business with McDonald’s to make and be accountable to progress across diversity, equity and inclusion in their own business.”

The fast-food chain also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests taking place across the country. McDonald’s promised to set diversity goals within the company and track its progress annually to ensure success.

“For our Black friends and neighbors and colleagues of color, the devastation of COVID is matched by the pain and frustration they feel over just how far we still have to go to achieve justice in the world,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said during an hourlong Worldwide Connection video shared with members of the media.

“Some people in our system feel they haven’t been given a fair opportunity,” he added. “We have to face that fact and do better.”

McDonald’s also announced a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, which will review McDonald’s coronavirus related health and safety precautions. The partnership will also select global standards, which take into
consideration local regulations, practices, and guidance from local public health authorities.

McDonald’s has made an effort to give back to its customers during the coronavirus pandemic. In April, McDonald’s honored the selfless service of healthcare workers and first responders—police officers, firefighters, and paramedics—by giving them free ‘Thank You Meals’ to all healthcare workers and first responders.

Last month, McDonald’s announced the introduction of its Black & Positively Golden Scholarship Fund worth $500,000 to help students continue their education amid the coronavirus pandemic.