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and social security, and veterans, to name a few.

Website expert Sandeep Walia, president at Los Angeles-based e-commerce provider Ignify, says that while Obama’s site is more aesthetically pleasing, McCain’s site appears to be “more about the money,” or campaign donations. “There’s more to Obama’s site, particularly when it comes to richness of content,” he says. “It’s clear that his Website developers are more Internet savvy.”

Obama’s blog, for example, reflects that Internet savvy. “Obama is obviously using the blog to build community,” Walia says, “while McCain’s space doesn’t really use technology as well as it could be.”

When it comes to ease of use, Walia says both sites are reasonably user-friendly. “I rate them pretty evenly on ease of navigation,” says Walia, “but on aesthetics and interactivity, Obama’s is heads and shoulders above McCain’s.”

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