Meet the Black Media Entrepreneur Who Is Uplifting Girls and Promoting Businesses

LaToyia S. Jordan, a multi-award-winning trailblazer in media, didn’t always feel confident and beautiful. Through faith and resilience, the serial entrepreneur is amplifying her mantra, “girl keep thriving,” by building our young ladies up one girl at a time.

Jordan is the founder of I Am Beautiful Movement, a non-profit organization that strives to encourage and promote mother-daughter relationships through bonding activities and educating girls from 11 to 18 on how to deal with self-esteem, self-image, and confidence.

Established with her daughter, Destini in Henderson, TX, the Movement has reached over 2,000 mothers and daughters through its annual conferences, free programs, and events since the organization’s inception in 2013. Jordan and her team have also donated over 1,500 prom dresses to high school girls, thanks to GlamProm Dress Closet.

“My mom died when I was 16 from leukemia,” shared Jordan, per The Higher South. “To me, ages 12 -18 are the most important years of a young girl’s life, and my mom died right in the middle of mine. My prayers to God were always to allow me to see and do the things my mom didn’t get to do. When I had my children, I prayed that prayer even harder.”

In honor of her mother’s memory, Jordan is fully embracing entrepreneurship as a Black woman and a mother of two daughters. She leverages her passions for empowering girls and creating memorable experiences to amplify the mission for her I Am Beautiful Movement.

“My passion for helping girls and women stems from myself and my daughter,” said Jordan who lost confidence after getting dental work done due to a terrible fall. “I fell into a deep depression in 2013-2014. I founded the I Am Beautiful Movement during this difficult time. I love to create experiences and opportunities for girls and moms based on things I would have wanted to do as a young girl.”

The I Am Beautiful Movement aligns with Jordan’s ambitious efforts as CEO of Toyia Thrives Enterprises and Thriving Daily Media. While promoting events and businesses, Jordan offers to revolutionize brands with a customized digital media kit, speaker one sheet, bio sheet, and more.

Additionally, she launched the weekly Talking with Toyia Radio Show in August on KGLD 1330 AM/104.9 FM.

“Getting out of my head and wanting everything to be perfect were obstacles I overcame. Once I took my hands off and gave them to God, He started to open my eyes and show me what to do,” Jordan said.