Meet the Creators of the weCliq Social App

Meet the Creators of the weCliq Social App

What interested you in the tech space?
Gillett: Rapid evolution. The environment is constantly changing, which makes the world exciting. We are continuously finding new and innovative ways to connect and communicate, which serves to enhance our day-to-day lives.

Howland: The ability to completely transform a market and make life more enjoyable for others is what keeps us going.

As entrepreneurs, how do you plan to navigate the tech space in the next five years?
Howland: weCliq won the top prize at Startup Weekend Orange County in November 2014 and, after months of development, the team is in the process of rolling out at Harvard, New York University, and Columbia this fall via a campus ambassador program. We are going to provide college students a way to utilize the live content they are already generating to see what is happening around them and turn strangers into friends.

And while we are starting with the college market, we think the potential for weCliq is enormous. Picture it: You’re traveling with a group of friends and want to meet new people. So you hop on to your new mobile app, weCliq, snap a fun group picture (aka a “groupie”), and share it with people nearby to meet up in real-life. Thanks to weCliq, you can now have these real-life hangouts wherever you go–whether it’s your favorite local hangout or on an international adventure. The use cases for what we are building are truly far reaching and that is what energizes our team the most.

When can we get the app?
Gillett: You can download the app immediately at the App Store! The Android version will be ready before the end of 2015. Sign up now on our website, to be notified when weCliq is available on Android.