Meet the Founder of the Newest Black-Owned Intellectual Property Firm in New York City

Meet the Founder of the Newest Black-Owned Intellectual Property Firm in New York City

Moji Onabanjo is the founder and CEO of GV Legal, an intellectual property firm in New York City that is honored to be supporting small businesses owners achieve their goals.

With over 15 years of experience practicing as an IP Attorney representing and advising multinationals around the world, she is an expert on the importance of Brand Management and the protection of Intellectual Property.

GV Legal is a full-service law firm with particular emphasis on Intellectual Property Law including Brand Protection and Management, Trademarks, Copyrights, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Transactions, Intellectual Property Transfer Agreements, etc.

She comments, “My team of expert attorneys is fearless, passionate, and experienced. We will help you protect your brand, content, and image throughout the world for more value.”

“My firm is well positioned, vast, and dynamic enough to take on the legal challenges that come with the ever-evolving Intellectual Property landscapes,” she continues. “When it comes to negotiating your deals, we apply incomparable strategies, deep knowledge of the subject matter, dynamic skills, and legal intuition. We knowledgeably assist with all your Intellectual Property Filings and Transactions.”

Moji says that she loves being a lawyer, and pays a great deal of attention to the minutest detail of every client’s story, identifies the issue, and offers a tailor-made solution. She advises authors, screenwriters, musicians, entertainers, and software developers on the protection of their copyrights and represents them in their everyday business transactions.

All through the months of November and December 2021, GV Legal will be charging only a nominal professional fee of $350 excluding all government fees to help identify trademarks, provide legal advice, and register one trademark in one class.

For more details and/or to schedule a consultation, visit the firm’s official website at

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