Meet the Power Women CMOs Behind Big Corporate Brands

Meet the Power Women CMOs Behind Big Corporate Brands

The Black Enterprise list of Leading Women in Advertising and Marketing highlights the women whose ideas and strategies have placed them at the top of their game, enabling them to make a mark in the advertising and marketing world. Here, wants you to meet the chief marketing officers behind some of the most recognized and admired corporate brands, including IKEA North America, Jamba Juice, and the National Basketball Association.

These leading ladies are excelling in their role as CMO; not only by following through with the traditional duties of overseeing the company’s marketing initiatives, but also by taking risks and ensuring that brands cater to the ever-growing multicultural America. They continue to create winning strategies that push their companies to perform successful diverse marketing, facilitate growth, and generate more consumer awareness.


Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Kay Inc.

Sheryl Adkins-Green

Sheryl Adkins-Green leads Mary Kay’s global marketing strategy, brand positioning, new product development, advertising, and digital marketing initiatives. Her work has helped drive long-term growth and has supported the more than three million independent beauty consultants.


Phyllis Anderson, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Express Scripts Inc.

Phyllis Anderson

Phyllis Anderson is responsible for corporate branding, corporate communications, division marketing and marketing services at Express Scripts. She is credited with helping to reinvigorate the brand, redefine their value proposition and position the company in a more positive light with clients.


Leilani M. Brown, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Starr Companies

Leilani Brown

With more than 20 years of insurance, marketing, and strategy experience under her belt, Brown oversees the company’s strategic marketing, brand management, advertising, corporate communications, and digital strategy. She implements clear, simple goals and has increased brand awareness with Starr’s target audience.


Tracey D. Brown, Senior Vice President & Chief Member Officer, Sam’s Club

Tracey Brown manages a team of more than 2,000 employees and is responsible for growing and developing the Sam’s Club membership base by acquiring, engaging, and retaining new members. She understands the value of having a strong connection with diverse consumers and prides herself and her team on instilling diverse hiring practices within the company. “I not only want people who look like me and think like me, I also want the polar opposite of that,” she told Black Enterprise.