Meet the Woman Helping Black-Owned Businesses Get Funding, Corporate Contracts, and More

Meet the Woman Helping Black-Owned Businesses Get Funding, Corporate Contracts, and More

Felicia Jeffries, founder and CEO of Moore Financial Services, is an accomplished paralegal with over ten years of experience dealing with leading business lawyers and companies across the United States.

Based in Dallas, Texas, her company specializes in helping businesses nationwide grow. They establish business credit and ensure that companies are credible so that they can obtain funding, corporate contracts, and buyers when the owners are ready to sell.

Felicia’s experience extends beyond the paralegal element of her job, as she is well-versed in what it takes to run a business and the required triggers that can cause a business to spiral out of an entrepreneur’s control. She understands how crucial the role of money maybe to a firm if it is to survive and prosper in the national and worldwide markets.

Felicia has authored a limited edition book entitled Get Grants For Your Business: How To Apply and Win that includes a list of over 50 grants to apply for your small business. Only 200 copies have been printed, and the book teaches business owners how to acquire free money for their company. It is one of the few books written that teaches how to get free money for for-profit organizations.

Every small business owner sees the silver lining when a funding alternative they can rely on to sustain their company emerges. Some of the things they should look at include how much assistance the avenue gives them in addition to financing.

The unemployment rate is rising, and many new business ideas are being generated at various levels of the American economy. There is an innate drive to generate effective answers to the difficulties that society and small enterprises face. Small companies provide a less expensive and more accessible answer to many problems, and there is a need to capitalize on it. However, the problem of insufficient financial backing those young enterprises face has an impact on the integrity of their ideas and goods.

Get Grants For Your Business: How To Apply and Win was written to help young, new, and existing businesses secure grants in order for their business to grow. The book is intended to raise the hopes of small company owners by demonstrating and explaining how to obtain capital for small firms. It has a one-of-a-kind idea that acknowledges the need for startups with a hands-on approach that embraces company owners from all walks of life—touching everyone and leaving none out.

A grant is a sum of money given by an end entity grant – typically a public body, charitable foundation, or specialized grant-making institution – to an individual or another entity (usually a non-profit organization, but sometimes a business or a local government body) for a specific purpose related to public benefit. Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid. Grants in the United States are typically made by a wide range of government departments or an even broader range of public and private trusts and foundations. According to the Foundation Center, there are over 88,000 trusts and foundations that distribute over $40 billion each year.

Who doesn’t appreciate free money? Isn’t that what small business grants are? It could assist in paying salaries, purchasing stock, or reaching out to new customers.

While grants are “free” in the sense that they do not require repayment, they are not handouts. In all cases, a business owner must apply for a grant, which can take some time and effort, and also have to compete with other small businesses for the grant. Even small grants frequently attract hundreds of applicants.

Anyone interested in purchasing the book should get on the waitlist at

The book is being released upon announcement to those who are on the waitlist and the time to purchase will be limited. Hundreds of millions of dollars are set aside for businesses each year and a grant writer is not required for business owners to obtain the grants listed in this book.
This is a limited-edition book as only 200 copies will be published.

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