Meet the Woman Who Founded An Event Series to Address Colorism In The Black Community

Intra-racism has led to painful division over complexion, leaving some people to feel ostracized or stressed over how light or dark their skin appears to the world. Tracie McKinney—who is an author and life coach—  founded  Colorism No More to address this difficulty through events and conversations., according to

“It is time to address the toxic behavior in our own communities, and to bridge the gap within our culture. It is time for transparent conversations, healing, and restoration to break generational curses,” McKinney said.

Over time, colorism has proven to have detrimental ripple effects.

When it comes to the topic of opportunity, the “brown paper bag test” led to people who were darker than a brown paper bag being left out of better jobs or social circles, according to The Michigan Chronicle. Some say that darker women—despite their beautiful melanin-rich skin—may be picked less for marriage. Black men who are dark-skinned may be associated with thuggish behavior, or more suited for hard labor jobs, while lighter men may be regarded by some as more mellow in nature.

“Colorism in the Black community has its origins in slavery, and even before that when we think about the hierarchy that white supremacy and colonialism created with regards to skin color,”  Raina LaGrand, a therapist and clinical social worker,  told The Michigan Chronicle.

McKinney’s keynote speaker is Latia Vaughan—who is also known as “The Dream Pusher.” According to Vaughan’s website, she is the creator of the “The Pusher’s Academy”  which offers a virtual environment to ignite progression. Panelists, performances and dining will also be included in the affair’s lineup, according to Black

Colorism No More’s inaugural affair will be held on Sunday, August 15, 2021 at The Atrium Special Event Venue, located on 4151 183rd St. in County Club Hills, Ill. 60478 from 2 – 6 p.m., per information provided on Colorism No More’s website.

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