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Source Alleges Meghan Markle Was Not Pleased With The Royal Family Hierarchy

A source claims Meghan Markle felt her status as a “self-made” woman gave her more of the right to speak at events.

A source has revealed details about tensions within the royal walls. 

The source alleges Meghan Markle “felt she had more of a right to speak” when attending certain events because of her status as a “self-made” woman and philanthropist. According to Daily Mail, the claims were sparked by the Royal Foundation Forum in February 2018, where tensions were noted to be obvious among the “Fab Four” of the royal family.

The source revealed alleged friction between the Duchess of Sussex and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, that dates back to their first meeting. 

Harry revealed in his book, Spare, that Meghan did not receive the expected gracious welcome when her relationship with Harry became serious. In Omid Scobie’s book, Finding Freedom, it was written that Kate did not establish a “meaningful” relationship with Meghan. 

The inside source claims when Meghan first became a member of the royal family, she was not satisfied with the idea of the Prince and Princess of Wales being higher up on the palace hierarchy. The source said, “Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charity,” alleging this as the reason the Duchess of Sussex believed she had “more of a right to speak.”

“I think she found it difficult that the Royal Foundation was already a well-oiled machine by the time she got there,” the source continued. 

The outlet reported that Harry and Meghan have continued to face backlash. William is pursuing actions against the royal couple after his wife and Charles were named in allegations of racism. The claims of racism pertain to the royal family’s “concern” over Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie’s skin color. Details of the claims are mentioned in Scobie’s Book Endgame.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not spoken about the book, and sources close to the couple have dissociated the couple from the book. According to the outlet, no one close to the Duchess of Sussex leaked the information, and it was not Meghan’s intention to publicly name the Prince and Princess of Wales in the racism claims. The book will be addressed during a meeting with King Charles and Prince Harry next week. The family is said to keep the matter “business as usual,” but the decision remains in the hands of King Charles. Sources say King Charles will take his time with the matter. “Being falsely branded a racist in print is a serious allegation that must be treated seriously. All options are still on the table,” a source said.

Amid the backlash the couple is facing, Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster and one of Harry’s close friends, who is also Archie’s godfather, elected not to invite the couple to his society wedding to prevent his event from being overshadowed by the royal family “drama.” 

Harry and Meghan also risk losing their Duke and Duchess title in a bill enacted by conservative MP Bob Seely. Seely’s efforts will use laws from the First World War to revoke the couple’s titles because he finds it “poisonously insidious” that the couple used racial claims to tarnish the family’s name.