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Slain Memphis Rapper Young Dolph’s Life Partner Breaks Silence About Murder Case On Social Media

Young Adolph’s partner spoke out on social media, saying that the rapper’s family had not been informed about a judge's recusal.

Young Dolph’s life partner, Mia Jaye, spoke out on social media to offer a clarification: Her silence — in an effort to let the justice system do its job — has been taken for granted.

The life partner of the deceased rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur legally named Adolph Thornton, Jr. alleged that authorities had not shared information about the changes that took place in relation to the case — specifically, the recuseal of Judge Lee Coffee, Fox 13 reported.

On Oct. 27, Coffee was ordered to recuse himself from trials involving several people facing charges in the rapper’s murder: Hernandez Govan, Justin Johnson, Cornelius Smith, and Jarmarcus Johnson.

The order for Coffee to recuse himself came after Justin Johnson, also known as Straight Drop, released a song while in custody. Coffee went on to restrict Johnson’s phone and visitation privileges, to which a court of appeals said, “The fact, coupled with the lack of notice and an opportunity to be heard, creates an appearance of impartiality against (Johnson) such that calls into question the integrity of the judicial process and, thus, requires recusal.” 

Two weeks later, Jaye posted on Instagram, alleging that she and Thornton’s family found out about the changes around the same time as the general public, according to Fox 13.

The post read, “Recently, the news have stated that the judge has been removed and when you heard it I did too. As movement in the case is being made, our family is not being properly informed and our patience is running thin.”

Jaye said her silence regarding the case had been taken for granted: “Over the last 2 years I have deliberately not spoken on the case to give the justice department full range to properly do their job especially since there was so much noise and misinformation being spread all over the Internet. But I feel like my silence has been taken for granted.”

Young Dolph was fatally shot while at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies in Memphis on Nov. 17, 2021.

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