Michael B. Jordan Teams With WELL Institute For COVID-19 Rating Tool
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Michael B. Jordan Teams Up With WELL Institute For New COVID-19 Safety Ratings For Shared Spaces

Michael B. Jordan
Image via WELL Institute

Micheal B. Jordan is doing his part to help people transition back into shared spaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The actor announced this week that he will be partnering with the International WELL Building Institute to help promote their new COVID-19 health and safety rating system to help shared spaces open back up for business.

The organization is introducing its new WELL Health-Safety Rating amid the public health crisis to help encourage people to come back into shared workspaces by providing buildings with a way to safely provide a seal to show visitors that they have taken the highest precautions possible. Jordan will be working as a celebrity spokesman to help spread the word on the new system.

The Institute says that the new rating includes “strategies that aim to advance health by setting performance standards for design interventions, operational protocols and policies and a commitment to fostering a culture of health and wellness.” Something Jordan says made him interested in lending his voice and platform to help spread awareness for the new system.

“[That was] one of the real reasons why I wanted to get involved with [them],” says Jordan in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “I feel like they, did their due diligence and there was a place that aligned with my values and I wanted to a part of it.”

The Institute hopes that the new system can help instill public trust in attending shared spaces again as local governments start processes to distribute vaccinations and continue to caution residents to stay safe by quarantining indoors in addition to social distancing

“Businesses are using the WELL Health-Safety Rating as a comprehensive roadmap to implement evidence-based strategies that help keep people safe. These efforts are then validated by an objective third party, earning businesses a seal that signifies to customers that they can feel safer when they are inside” said Paul Scialla to BLACK ENTERPRISE via email.

“The WELL Health-Safety Rating is being applied to buildings of every type across the world, including the Empire State Building and Yankee Stadium, retail giants like Simon Malls, global financial service organizations like JPMorganChase, hotel leaders like Aimbridge Hospitality, telecom providers like T-Mobile, school districts including Fairfax County, Virginia, and many more.”