Third-Grader Gets 'A+' From Michelle Obama on Twitter - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

Sometimes school projects just bring out the best in us.

Like the little girl who dressed up as Michelle Obama for a school assignment. Although it isn’t yet known what grade little Alexandra Dow earned for her work, the former first lady herself gave the project an A+.

That’s according to NewsOne, which referenced the Huffington Post. NewsOne writes, “Dow and her classmates, who attend school in Diamond Bar, California, were tasked with putting together a project that highlighted someone that they believe has been influential in changing the world for the better, the news outlet writes. The students had to pen a two-page report, put together a poster board about the individual’s journey, and deliver a speech as the person they decided to dress up as.”

I personally like the idea of incorporating some aspects of a science fair into this project: using the poster boards, delivering a speech (similar to a presentation), and writing a report—a nice, multi-faceted project.

Although it isn't yet known what grade little Alexandra Dow earned for her work, Michelle Obama herself gave the project an A+.

It’s also great that the students were able to select their own hero or heroine to research and write about. Hats off to Alexandra Dow!

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