Mike Tyson Offered More Than $20 Million to Return to Boxing

Mike Tyson Offered More Than $20 Million to Return to Boxing

Mike Tyson
(Image: Twitter)

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has been working out. People have noticed. According to MMA Fighting, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is prepared to issue another multimillion-dollar offer to Tyson to lure the 53-year-old out of retirement.

The company had offered the boxing legend $20 million earlier this month, which he turned down. BKFC will include more money as well as charitable donation. The last time the former world champion competed in an official professional boxing match was in 2005.

“I think I know what we need to do to make this thing happen,” BKFC President David Feldman said.

It had been recently reported that Tyson had been in the gym training and considering getting back into the ring. After hearing this, former champ Evander Holyfield also announced a return to the ring–for a third fight with Tyson. According to reports, he would like to stage an exhibition boxing match to raise money for his charity Unite 4 Our Fight.

Brooklyn-born boxer Shannon Briggs said last week that he and Tyson are staging an exhibition match for charity. The Sun revealed that Briggs, while chatting on Instagram Live, said, “I just talked to Mike Tyson, it’s going down, me and Mike, we’re going to make it happen, it’s official, you’re going to see it happen, Brownsville versus Brownsville.

“Me and Tyson are going to lace up the gloves, we’re going to rumble, rumble in the jungle. We’re going to let our fist do the talking.”

He then continued: “The money is there, the money is almost there, I can’t say much more, I’ll leave it at that.”