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Money send stock alerts to our mail box and Microsoft required us to sign up for a .Net Passport. We were not happy with this, because signing up for a Microsoft .Net Passport requires you to lower security during the sign-up process, and, on principle, we object to a common login and password for multiple Websites. Both packages give you the option of getting your bank and stock data from anywhere you have Web access: Just be careful about what you leave behind. In a spot check, two of Quicken’s online stock analysts’ facts were six months out of date—Money’s were not. The bottom line? Quicken has been an industry standard for 20 years, and has a lot of customer loyalty, but it has a lot of catching up to do to retake Money’s gains in features, user experience, and free services. Money even has a Quicken Converter Wizard for those Quicken users who are not so loyal.