Mobile App Helps Small Businesses Manage Social Media Content

There are various ways that entrepreneurs can use social media to gain insight, grow awareness, and optimize their marketing. When considering how to communicate to a market about a new product or service, social media can help a business owner learn: Who is talking about the problem your product solves? Where are they talking about it and what language are they using? Who are the influencers that are actively able to affect awareness and product use?

Social media is a viable tool for collecting information on customers and sharing information with customers. For most small business owners, it’s not all that feasible to stop what they are doing throughout the day in order to share something on social media.  And it may not be in the budget to hire a social media manager.

Even if as an entrepreneur you have the time to post content, you may still have trouble knowing what to post to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., when it comes to relevant, high-quality content worth sharing. If you’re serious about social media marketing, it could be up to five times a day.

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In steps Pagemodo, a popular social marketing suite that’s part of Vistaprint’s digital services business. Its Pagemodo mobile app lets small business owners easily share and schedule content in a way that fits into their busy days. The latest version of the Pagemodo iOS App have a new “discover” tab that lets users quickly browse popular content, find great articles, and schedule posts.

More information on the new app features can be found on the Pagemodo site.

Of course, Pagemodo is not the only game in town. Hootsuite is the most popular social media management tool for people and businesses to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter from one Web-based dashboard. Hootsuite has become an essential tool for managing social media, tracking conversations, and measuring campaign results via the Web or mobile devices. Hootsuite offers a free, pro, and enterprise solution for managing unlimited social profiles, enhanced analytics, advanced message scheduling, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights integration.

IFTTT is another powerful Internet automation site that can save a lot of time managing social media and other tasks through recipes. You can essentially connect any major network or channel together to automate sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more based on any action you desire. Like sending out a tweet automatically every time you publish a new blog post or getting an e-mail when your favorite magazine has something new to say. What’s more, it works with Hootsuite and just enhances its tools even further.