BE Modern Man: Meet ‘The Radio Personality’ Ed Easton Jr.

Name: Ed Easton Jr.

Age: 28

Profession: Streaming Media (Major League Baseball Advanced Media), News Producer (CBS Radio1010 WINS), Founder of Keeping It Real Sports LLC. (

One Word That Describes You: Ambitious

What does being one of the BEMM 100 Men of Distinction mean to you?

Being chosen as one of BEMM 100 Men of Distinction is an honor unlike any other in my life. It’s a special recognition that continues to keep me motivated in my own goals and influencing others. I am thrilled to be associated with of a group of other professional inspiring men of color.

What are some examples of how you turned struggle into success?

Born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn, I learned from a young age the importance of hard work from my family and the neighborhood. I didn’t get started in my career until freshman year of college at SUNY at Old Westbury when I joined the then new campus radio station, OWWR (Old Westbury Web Radio). My dream was to work in a major sports media company/station, so instead of just settling for working with my campus station, I also began to intern at three different companies, CBS Radio, SNY.TV, and XM Radio.

These experiences helped to build my young resume and gain ideas to start my own website/company, Keeping It Real Sports LLC. I created the company as an alternative to being unable to find work, but still grow professionally in sports media. After graduating college in 2009, I was employed by CBS Radio. I currently serve as news producer for 1010 WINS, and I’ve spent the past year working in streaming media for Major League Baseball Advanced Media. I never wanted my surroundings growing up or the many people telling me African Americans don’t usually work at these companies to hold me back. As long as I continue to work hard and keep faith, things will begin to happen.

What is an important quality you look for in your relationships with others?

I am really big on honesty and genuine conversation, whether it’s business or personal. It’s important to be able to trust the person you are associated with to have your back when times are rough, as opposed to just the good days.

What are some immediate projects you are working on?

I am currently hosting a sports talk show Monday through Thursday, from 1 p.m.—3 p.m. (est) on SoundCast.FM called Sports Social with Ed Easton. The show covers all the hot topics in sports and features interviews with athletes, coaches, and other sports figures, past or present.

I also produce an annual media panel called Media Talks at my alma mater, SUNY College at Old Westbury. The event has recent graduates that work professionally in media share their stories with current students.

What is the best advice you ever received?

The best advice I’ve received is to remain humble and hungry in this industry and world. As an African American man, I understand the obstacles I’m against every day, so I don’t take any opportunity for granted. I don’t believe in being too flashy to keep up with all the trends, while appreciating the value of unique opinion and style.

What is some advice you have for other men who want to make a difference?

My advice would be to appreciate everyone’s differences and build up those that need the help. In our quest to become greater, we can’t forget to pay it forward for the next generation trying to grow in this world. As black men, our legacy should be of success and honor no matter what path is taken.

How do you prep for an important business meeting and/or event?

I pray for strength, wisdom, and clarity—along with plenty of planning. I can always find power in prayer and knowing that God has my back.

As a busy Modern Man, how do you unwind on vacation? Share a story about your best vacation.

My best vacation was a cruise a few years ago to the Bahamas because of the freedom and chance to try new things. I enjoyed being able to see the ocean in a unique way, as well as visiting an island and meeting new people. I had no phone service, so the brief chance to get away from the daily work grind was a plus.

If you could travel and stay anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 

Hawaii—I’ve visited twice, and it seems like another world that is beautiful and stress free. The 11-hour plane ride is well worth it, as long as I can later relax on a beach chair while watching the sunset.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you Black Enterprise again for this amazing honor, and for giving professional, hard working black men of different backgrounds a platform to be heard.

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