Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Sparks Social Media Debate About Black Women Being Breadwinners

Tyler Perry has some Black women upset, once again.

The media billionaire made an appearance on the Season 2 premiere of the Keep It Positive podcast, hosted by Tyler Perry’s Sistas star, Crystal Renee Hayslett. In a clip that has now gone viral, Perry spoke about Black women being the breadwinner in some instances and how they should be OK with a man making less

. “In our society right now, Black women are making a lot more money than Black men,” Perry stated.

“So if you can find love and that man works at whatever job and is a good man and is good to you…that’s OK. That’s not someone who’s beneath you, that’s someone who came to love you at your worth.”

The 1:37 minute clip sparked major debate amongst the sexes on whether or not there was some truth in his statement.

“The part he’s leaving out is how much that man will secretly hate that you earn more, how that hate will weigh on their ego, and how it seeps out and affects your relationship in wild ways,” user @ImanEurope said. “The message should be encouraging bm to do more, not encouraging bw to settle for less.”

As Hayslett was agreeing with her boss’ sentiments, he decided to point out the fact that some people can’t necessarily handle that narrative. “That’s so hard for people to take in because they need someone that makes 5x more than me,” Perry laughed. “But when you talk about just someone that loves you and supports you….it’s a beautiful thing.”

Some of the men decided to chime in, claiming that all Perry does is talk a good game and that women won’t listen to what he’s saying.

“Yea ok cool story my guy…they ain’t tryna hear that s***h lol money is power,” @chadwickgod wrote.


“He’s right, 100% right,” @itsmine49 said. “Unfortunately most women can’t handle being the breadwinner and still respect their man as head of the household and submit to him.”

Things got interesting when one woman, who happens to be a breadwinner, chimed in.

“So true. I make more than my husband does and at the beginning it bothered him a lot,” @yeseniaRNLatina said. “I make it my business to make sure he always knows regardless he is still the head of our household and the father figure and a man in mine and our kids lives. He’s awesome in every way.”

What do you think about this now viral topic?