More Is Less With This PlayStation Plus Deal That's Available For 20% Off For Green Monday

More Is Less With This PlayStation Plus Deal That’s Available For 20% Off For Green Monday

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Gaming looks vastly different than it did even just two decades ago. Long gone are the days when the fun was limited to just one person. The graphics that gaming systems now produce can fool the untrained eye into thinking it was looking at a movie and not a video game.

As the evolution of video games has changed, so have the ways that people play them. The world of online gaming gives gamers the ability to connect with and play their favorite games with people in different cities and countries. Furthermore, you don’t even have to visit a physical store anymore if you want to buy a game – it can be downloaded directly to your gaming system.

While the aforementioned features are possible, gamers need a vehicle that allows them to do so. For Sony PlayStation users, PlayStation Plus does just that. For a limited time, you can purchase a five-year subscription to PlayStation Plus for just $175.20 with the code GREEN20.

On the regular marketplace, a 12-year subscription to PlayStation Plus costs $59.99, so the savings are significant. With this deal, you’re able to stack five different codes on a 1-year subscription. If you’ve never used PlayStation Plus, you’re missing out.

Sony’s online service opens up the PlayStation to a world of possibilities. For starters, just being a member entitles you to free member-only games from Sony’s vast library. You also receive member-only discounts and deals on PlayStation games and products you can enjoy on your TV.

A subscription to PlayStation Plus also opens up the world of online gaming, allowing you to connect with and play games with friends and strangers from anywhere on the globe with an Internet connection.

If you’re someone who loves gaming or if you’re already a PlayStation Plus member, the savings through this deal warrant your purchase. Purchase it today and tap into the full potential of your PlayStation.

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