Most Americans Take Facebook Breaks, Study Shows

Facebook Fatigue: Most Americans Take a Break From the Site

(Image: File)
(Image: File)

Are you Facebook’d out? While Facebook still holds the top spot as the most popular social network in America, it’s not too hard to believe people would get tired of the update sharing, track-your-every-move platform.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project revealed that 27% of Facebook users in the US plan to spend less time on the service this year, compared with only 3% who plan to spend more time. The study also found that 61% of current Facebook users have voluntarily taken a break from the platform for several weeks or more.

Reasons for the “Facebook vacation” varied, but the most common explanation was not having enough time for the site. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they were too busy with real-world responsibilities to spend time Facebooking.

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