Motherhood vs. Career Pursuits: Real Women Share Their Stories

Motherhood vs. Career Pursuits: Professional Women Share Their Stories

Jill Williams (Photo: Williams)


Jill Williams, 51, Sales Secretary, Entrepreneur

LEGACY OF NURTURING & INDEPENDENCE: From the time I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be a mother. I had great role models such as my mother, Carnice Upshaw, and my grandmother, Vergie Alexander. They had unconditionally love for family, and they were great nurturers.

It was never in my mother’s DNA to be a stay-at- home mom. She was and still is a very strong and independent woman who enjoyed earning her own income. I even believe that my father appreciated her wanted to work with him as a team.

LIFE CHANGES & DIFFICULT CHOICES: The dynamic of our home changed when I separated from my daughter’s father. Although I had a full-time job, it was imperative to look for a supplemental income. When I took on a part-time job, I worked 13-hour days. I think my biggest challenge of balancing my daughter’s needs while pursuing my career was missing out on events that were important to her. She was a cheerleader in high school, and I missed many of her games.You can’t imagine the guilt I felt, but I had to keep a roof over our heads.

POWER OF TECH: Because I have two businesses (Altadena, Calif.-based Jill’s Chocolates and Sparkle Plenty), I spend most weekends planning my next events. I’m constantly networking via e-mails, Twitter, Facebook etc., to generate and solicit new business.

A FAMILY (BUSINESS) AFFAIR: I’ve considered myself blessed because God entrusted me to be a steward over my daughter. She’s a beautiful and smart young college student. My greatest reward is my daughter’s involvement in Jill’s Chocolates. Her concerted efforts will not only take the business to another level, but I’m hoping one day she will carry the torch.

WORDS FROM THE WISE: Make time for yourself (a little she-time) and most importantly, make time for your children. If you are not self employed, talk to your supervisor and request to shift your office from the job to working home a few days a week. (You will win the best mom award from the kiddies). Lastly, shut down the computer, disconnect the iPad, and power off the BlackBerry or iPhone (once in a while) to engage in fun family activities.