Naomi Osaka ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,’ Partners With Meta On New Digital Apparel Collection

Naomi Osaka ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,’ Partners With Meta On New Digital Apparel Collection

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka just made a major move into the metaverse, partnering on a digital apparel collection with Meta Avatars.

The 25-year-old four-time Grand Slam winner has designed a deeply personal collection that draws on everything from her media company, Hana Kuma, to her dog Butta and the Japanese art print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Adding to her list of fashionable collaborations that include her own line of Nike apparel and a capsule collection with Victoria’s Secret, Osaka is following in the footsteps of other big names in sports by taking her talents virtual.

“Being able to take trends from the real world and translate [them] into the metaverse was really fun,” Naomi Osaka said in a press release, according to Boardroom. “Plus, you can try a lot of new things when designing digitally—it’s all about pushing myself outside of the box. To me, one of the most exciting parts is that digital apparel is much more accessible than luxury apparel in the real world. I can dress my avatar in whatever I want—there’s a lot more freedom and flexibility to have fun and experiment with looks and designs.”

The collection will launch with five different outfits that Osaka feels reflect her personal style which she describes as “eclectic, unpredictable, yet comfortably cool.”

Osaka is also gearing up to become a first- time mom and recently talked with TODAY about how she’s preparing for her next chapter.

“Tennis takes a lot of patience—whether that’s patience with the time it takes to develop a training routine and get in the best shape possible, or patience on the court when waiting for the perfect shot to close the point,” she said. “I know parenthood will require a lot of patience in many other ways and I’m really just feeling optimistic and grateful for all that’s ahead.”