National Black Beauty Founders Day Launched; Equity Is A Key Goal

There’s a national day aimed at amplifying Black beauty entrepreneurs, and it’s all thanks to a fellow Black beauty founder.

On August 30, National Black Beauty Founders Day was introduced to tackle industry imbalances impacting Black entrepreneurs’s growth in the space. With a focus on greater diversity, inclusion, and equitable funding, the new initiative aims to confront and resolve inequalities by championing fair representation and opportunities throughout the beauty world.

The day was brought to life by Danika Berry and Glam Body, her upcycled body care and wellness line. With over two decades of representing Black beauty entrepreneurs and brands as a publicist, Berry was happy to lead the fight toward inclusivity for all beauty founders.

“Our core mission is to break down the barriers that have historically held back Black beauty entrepreneurs,” Berry tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“We aim to illuminate the economic disparities in the industry and drive forward initiatives that foster diversity, inclusion, and equitable access to funding.”


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With over two decades of lending her passion for beauty to brands like Mielle Organics, Curls, Camille Rose, Cota Skin, Kaleidoscope, Curl Daze, and J’Organics Hair Solutions, Berry was inspired to launch the venture and pave a lane for the next generation of Black beauty empires.

“I launched this initiative to directly tackle urgent and overlooked inequalities,” she said.

A recent McKinsey & Company study found that despite Black consumers representing 11.1% of total spending in the beauty sector, Black-owned brands generate only 2.5% of the industry’s overall revenue. Now with National Black Beauty Founders Day, there’s a day dedicated to championing fair representation and opportunities throughout the industry.


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“We are committed to a sustained, multi-pronged approach that includes active support for Black-owned beauty enterprises, spotlighting entrepreneurs through dynamic social media campaigns, and catalyzing industry-wide discussions to dispel stereotypes and promote inclusion,” Berry says of her plans to raise awareness.

“We’re not merely spotlighting the success stories and challenges of Black beauty entrepreneurs; we’re pushing the industry toward a new era of recognition and empowerment.”

It’s also not just talk. Berry is taking action through three initiatives to spearhead the drive, including “Support for Black-Owned Beauty Businesses,” which invites the public to discover and financially back Black-owned beauty enterprises and aid in their long-term viability.

“Social Media Advocacy” serves as a social media campaign that spotlights the success stories of Black beauty entrepreneurs. “Promoting Industry-Wide Diversity and Inclusion” is an advocacy campaign that tackles stereotypes against Black beauty entrepreneurs through open discussion.

“Our initiative is more than inspirational; it’s a blueprint for revolutionary change in the beauty sector,” Berry says.

“National Black Beauty Founders isn’t just about celebrating a single day; it’s an ongoing organization devoted to elevating and promoting Black women in the beauty industry.”

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