NBA Player Norman Powell Donates $100,000 To Families In San Diego

NBA Player Norman Powell Donates $100,000 To More Than 200 Families In San Diego

Norman Powell
(Image: Twitter)

With the recent stress of dealing with the coronavirus, some families are struggling with multiple expenses as the year comes to an end. But some families in the San Diego, CA, area have less to worry about this Christmas season. According to NBC San Diego, a professional basketball player returned to his local community over the weekend to donate $100,000 to more than 200 families from Lincoln High School.

Holiday shopping was made easier over the weekend when Toronto Raptors shooting guard Norman Powell, who graduated from Lincoln High School, donated $100,000 to help the families of students who attend the high school. He played on the high school’s basketball team before attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which led him to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Since Powell is currently out of town due to the start of the basketball season, his family members took care of the dispersing of cash to the families.

“I know you’ve heard pay it forward and so every opportunity we’re paying it forward and to our Southeast community, Lincoln High School community, we try to give back and do something there,” said Sharon Powell, Norman Powell’s mother.

Powell has just recently released a new collection to his clothing website, Understand the Grind.