New Government Site Helps Small Business Track Regulations
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

New Government Site Helps Small Business Track RegulationsA new web site developed by the House Small Business Committee has been established to highlight proposed regulations that affect business owners. The site includes links that allows you to provide comments to the agency regarding the proposals.

“Most small businesses don’t have lawyers or lobbyist who focus on regulatory compliance, like corporations may have,” said Committee Chairman Sam Graves.

He says the site is a major step forward for small businesses in that it allows them to “make their voice heard as federal regulations are being considered.”

This site is an important benefit to small businesses because the burden of complying with federal regulations is disproportionately higher for small businesses than it is for large businesses.  The site itself notes this in its initial paragraph: “With roughly 4,100 new regulations in the pipeline it should come as no surprise that government regulations and red tape consistently rank as top concerns of small business owners.”

“Not all regulations are bad, but many can be unnecessarily burdensome, and it is important that small companies express their concerns before a rule is finalized,” Graves said.


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