Audit Your Life for Maximum Career Growth

New Year, New You: Audit Your Life For Optimal Growth

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The new year may have you thinking about making some changes. You may be contemplating a career transition or applying to work at a new company. Before jumping the gun on these decisions Madame Noire suggests you take an audit of your career and life. Reflect on the past to see where improvements can be made or if things need to be cut out. You wouldn’t like to go forward into a new position making the same mistakes.

Your morning routine. What didn’t you do last year in the morning that you wished you had? Was it exercise, planning your day, having a family breakfast, or quiet alone time? Make sure to do it this year.

Your evening routine. Don’t repeat bad and stressful habits from 2012.If you normally come home from work frazzled, develop a new routine. You might stop at the gym, read or listen to a different genre during your commute, or spend a few minutes alone before checking mail, jumping into dinner preparation, or catching up with the family,” writes Forbes.

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