Black Motorist Profiled By Cop Who Writes Him A Ticket For Hanging Air Freshener

Black Motorist Profiled By Cop Who Writes Him A Ticket For Hanging Air Freshener

A Black TikTok user named Alex Harbour recorded his interaction with a white police officer who pulled him over. He was stopped in Wall Township, New Jersey, after the officer said Harbour didn’t put on his turn signal. Although Harbour disputed that claim, he questioned the police officer why he was stopped.

The video clip is labeled, “When they pull you over for NO REASON but have to find A REASON.” As Harbour speaks to the police officer, he politely requests the officer contact his supervisor because Harbour was driving a company car and felt it was an unlawful traffic stop.

As the exchange continued, the police officer informed Harbour he was stopped because his “Little Tree” air freshener was “obstructing his view.” 

The video continued with Harbour explaining to the camera he was being followed for a while, and instinctively, like many Black people, assumed he would soon be stopped. While having a strong intuition about what could happen next, Harbour said he purposely used his turn signal, and that’s when the police officer made his move to make the traffic stop.


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Following the supervisor’s arrival and another brief back-and-forth exchange, the officer said the driver would not be ticketed for failure to use a turn signal; instead, he would be ticketed for obstruction of view due to his hanging air freshener.

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Harbour got plenty of advice, with many stating he should fight the ticket. Unless another video is recorded, there is no known court date or decision made by Harbour. But the clip revealed the ongoing harassment of Black people by law enforcement.