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Commission recently forecast that the United Kingdom and Spain will also surpass the deficit in Greece. The U.K. will be the highest and will also be facing a hung parliament by the looks of things. Individually, this is concerning enough. Collectively, this is bad news for the euro. Already, investors are running away from the euro and into U.S. Treasuries.

How might investors take advantage?
An ETF [exchange-traded fund] such as the ProShares UltraShort Euro (EUO) is a great way to profit from this decline and has been paying off quite well recently. The decline of state socialism is a really good thing for the U.S. The fund looks to correspond its shares to twice (200%) the inverse of the daily performance of the United States dollar against the price of the euro. Shares are trading at just under their 52-week high of $23. This would reflect a move for the euro-dollar to $1.15. The fund, managed by ProShare Advisors L.L.C., has $285 million in net assets and invests in financial instruments to achieve its objective. Shares have returned 11.23% year-to-date. Our 12-month forecast is for shares to reach $29, which is an upside of 26%.

What’s another theme that’s holding your interest right now?
Shipping. We watch the shipping industry closely because it reflects real economic activity. Shipping companies have been known to make exponential gains when the economy begins picking up. Things look grim for the industry in the near term. The explosion at the oil rig off the Louisiana coast has implications far beyond the human tragedy and financial stress on British Petroleum and Transocean. The attention will spread to the shipping industry as well. There is already talk of a ban on single-hull ships in the Gulf. This will involve an expense to upgrade to double hulls and be an advantage to some and a setback for others. The race is on to see which one will be able to step in. Diana Shipping should be the best performer in the shipping group.

What do you like about Diana Shipping?
Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX) is a global provider of shipping transportation services. It specializes in transporting dry bulk cargoes, including iron ore, coal, grain, and other materials along worldwide shipping routes. Each of its vessels is owned through a separate wholly owned subsidiary. Here’s a company that has an excellent record and good management, and they are going to make money. The reason they’re lagging is external; some people feel there’s a danger that shipping will be restricted. But

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