Nick Cannon Named Honorary Chair of the Kidney Walk

Nick Cannon Named Honorary Chair of the Kidney Walk

nick cannon smilingOne of entertainment’s hardest working people is now fighting for the body’s hardest working organ, the kidney.

After having a health scare with his own kidneys, Nick Cannon, has been named Honorary Chair of the Kidney Walk. Over a year ago, Cannon was diagnosed with lupus nephritis and his condition has since been stabilized.

“These walks help those at risk take the lifesaving step of getting their kidneys checked,” said Cannon. “By participating in the Kidney Walk, we’re all getting the word out about screening and the importance of healthy lifestyle in preventing kidney disease. I had very unhealthy eating habits, but I now know that eating low fat, low sodium and low sugar diets and keeping blood pressure and blood sugar under control can prevent kidney damage. Funds raised through the Kidney Walks directly support the National Kidney Foundation’s efforts in public health education, advocacy and early detection.”

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