Nightlife: How to Budget When Out on the Town

Nightlife: How to Budget When Out on the Town

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Calling all reccessionistas!  Your hustle may not be netting you the big dollars yet, but you work hard and deserve to have some fun when the day is done. However, going out on the town can cost a pretty penny.  So what is a sistah to do when she’s looking to live it up with limited funds? Here are some tips for enjoying the nightlife in your city when you’re a baller on a budget.

Drinking on a Dime

There’s always the tactic of flirting with cute boys to get free drinks. But let’s face it, sometimes a free drink from a guy is not worth having dude stalking you all night just because he bought you a vodka and cranberry. Before you get started with your night, swing by a friend’s house, pop open a bottle of inexpensive wine and have a couple drinks before you hop in a cab and go dancing. You’ll buy fewer drinks, save a good deal of money and already have a nice little buzz going.

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