No Contract Needed With This Two-Line Prepaid Wireless Bundle

No Contract Needed With This Two-Line Prepaid Wireless Bundle

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Unless you’re one of the minute number of people who have refrained from buying a cell phone, you know just how daunting choosing a provider can be. Sure, established industry titans like Verizon and T-Mobile offer their share of services, but a long contract keeping you tied to said companies comes along with their services.

People enjoy freedom from commitment, and the same is expected from cellular service providers. Tello Mobile allows for that with its expansive nationwide network that piggybacks off of T-Mobile’s.

For $79, you can purchase the Tello Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text + 2GB LTE Data (2 Account Bundle) and enjoy wireless freedom without the hassle of a contract. This limited-time deal allows you to purchase this mobile offering for 52% of its MSRP of $168.

While $79 could be considered a steal for just one phone, the purchase of this deal entitles you to two lines at this price.

Tello’s six-month plan ensures consistent coverage in the United States, and minutes logged from calls to Canada, Mexico, and China are included at the same rate as domestic calls. Should you run out of your allotted data, your 2G data kicks in. Tello boasts coast-to-coast 4G LTE capabilities, and many phones are compatible with the service. Free hotspot capabilities are included with the services.

Four verified purchases rate this deal five stars, with reviewer Yashar R. saying, “We love the value we get with this package. $79 over 6 months for 2 accounts cannot be beaten. Thanks!” Meanwhile, Earl D. – who gave the deal five stars – says, “Very good deal and easy to use. Perfect for children. $80 for 6 months on two phones!! You can’t beat that.”

Say goodbye to long-term contracts and hello to true wireless freedom with this limited-time deal from Tello. Purchase it today for just $79.

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