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No More Excuses

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B.E.’s Successpert Speaks
H. LaVance Hammonds, CEO and founder of Xpressions of the Heart (www.asklavance .com; 800-633-5883), says it is important to make reaching your resolutions a concerted effort. Break your goal down “into smaller subsets, therefore, you’ll have small wins and small failures,” he says.

To get started:
Start before the new year begins. A lot of people wait until a designated time period, but habits have to form before that. Commit to a plan before the new year and you’ll see results a lot sooner.

Try a new approach. Many of us approach a new goal halfheartedly, “so you’ll get results that are half-achieved,” says Hammonds. By going the extra mile and not giving up at the first obstacle, you’ll get further. And you’ll feel a lot better about your accomplishments, too.