North Carolina A&T State University

color: #000000;”>International Exchange Students have the opportunity to exchange places with an A&T student who will go abroad. These exchange students live on campus and experience the rich academic, cultural and social traditions of NCA&T. Since 2001, more than 50 exchange students have studied at A&T for one or two semesters and more than 200 A&T students have studied abroad for academic credit. Study abroad and exchange opportunities are available for all A&T students

How does the university weigh GPA, SAT scores, extracurricular activities and college essay and recommendations during the application process?

An applicant for admission is considered individually in accordance with the following criteria:

Evidence of academic achievement and promise with considerable facility in the use of the English language and with an understanding of the fundamental mathematical processes;

Complete record from an accredited secondary or preparatory school with graduation based on no fewer than 19 units;

Satisfactory scores on the SAT or the ACT; (Students may be exempt from these tests if the high school graduation date is five (5) or more years at the point of matriculation to the university.);

Satisfactory GPA and class rank

These criteria, and those which follow, are applied flexibly to assure that people with unusual qualifications are not rejected in the admissions process. However, admission to the University is selective for out-of-state students. The University of North Carolina System has mandated that no more than 18 percent of the freshman class can be from out-of-state. Therefore, academic achievement and SAT/ACT scores must be competitive.

What is the student-teacher ratio


What is the university’s housing situation like? Is it difficult for freshman/sophomores to get housing?

It is not difficult for our University to offer students on campus housing as we make every effort to accommodate all students. Freshmen and sophomores currently account for approximately three quarters of our on-campus housing. Like most universities, North Carolina A & T State University utilizes a lottery system to assign on-campus housing to continuing students.

Are students guaranteed housing freshman year? How difficult is it to secure on-campus housing for freshman?

On-campus housing at North Carolina A&T State University is not guaranteed for any group of students. However, in the last four years, every incoming new student request for on-campus has been granted. We have a total enrollment of approximately 10,500 students and the University provides on-campus accommodations for approximately 35% of this population.

How active is the college in helping students