O.J. Simpson Defends Cop Who Killed Ma'Khia Bryant While Criticizing LeBron James

O.J. Simpson Defends Cop Who Killed Ma’Khia Bryant While Criticizing LeBron James

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NBA champion LeBron James has been under fire after he told the officer who killed Ma’Khia Bryant that he was next. Now disgraced former pro athlete O.J. Simpson is calling James out for speaking so soon on the recent police shooting.

Simpson took to Twitter to address James and tell the Los Angeles Lakers player to “wait for the facts,” while defending officer Nicholas Reardon’s actions.

“What I saw when I saw the full thing, the police guy had no choice,” he responded, Simpson said to the camera, BET reports. “We wish he could have pulled a taser, we wish he could have done it in another way, but in that instance, if he hadn’t done what he did, it appears to me that another young American would have had her life taken. I can’t fault what he did. I wish it were different, but I can’t fault it.”

James has been on the receiving end of criticism after he sent out a controversial tweet in response to Bryant’s tragic death. “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY,” the NBA Finals MVP said in a since-deleted tweet. He has been called out by Republican politicians like Sen. Tim Cotton and former President Donald Trump who claimed his “racist rants” were “divisive, nasty, insulting and demeaning,” The Hill reports.

While addressing James’ anger-filled response to the 15-year-old dying from a fatal police shooting, O.J. Simpson told James to take more time learning the facts before responding so quickly to such sensitive topics.

“You can’t fight every battle,” SimPson said. “You’ve got to pick your battles. It’s a war that must be fought, but sometimes you need to take your time and be a little more patient before you comment on some of these bad incidents that are happening with some police departments. LeBron should have waited.”

James returned to Twitter to explain why he deleted the controversial tweet and acknowledged his mistake, ESPN reports. “ANGER does any of us any good and that includes myself,” he said “Gathering all the facts and educating does though! My anger still is here for what happened to that lil girl. My sympathy for her family and may justice prevail!”