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Ohio Associations Partner To Help Minorities Buy Their First Homes

There are about 190 homes set to go into the new Ohio program

If you are looking to buy a house in Cincinnati, you may be in luck.

The Greater Cincinnati Port Authority and the Greater Cincinnati Realtist Association have partnered to help those looking to buy their dream home overcome the barriers of the buying process. Through financial and literacy support, the two organizations are helping people afford their forever homes, and increasing homeownership across minority groups. 

The organization was spurred to its mission after the release of the latest homeownership data from the National Association of Realtors, Spectrum News 1 reported. It showed that the homeownership rate for Black people living in Ohio is just 36%, and it’s even lower for those who live in Cincinnati, at 25%.

The Port acquired 194 single-family homes from out-of-town investors, while the realtist association will market some of those homes in an effort to help more minorities buy houses.

The Port’s motto is, “Jobs families can live on. Homes they can afford. Cleaner, greener, safer neighborhoods and business districts.”

Darrick Dansby, president of the Greater Cincinnati Realtist Association, said, “Having this inventory that is specifically dedicated to starter homeowners and homeowners who have the opportunity to buy a home based on their income, we believe that these products will help us make a little bit of help to increase that Black homeownership rate.”

Both groups are dedicated to reaching out to minorities in particular. So far, eight homes have been listed on the market for sale, with the rest soon to follow.

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