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One-on-One With Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

to do so as president. African American voters have long been one of the most important constituencies of the Democratic Party, and I would be honored to have the support of African American voters as I run to become the next president of our great country.

My American Health Choices Plans, for example, will ensure that the 7.7 million African Americans without health insurance today will have access to quality, affordable healthcare. My plan will bring us one step closer to closing the disturbing racial and ethnic health disparities that are pervasive throughout our healthcare system. My plan will also help many African American small business owners, who will be given a significant tax credit if they provide quality health insurance to their employees.

A second initiative will help increase college participation and graduation rates for African American students. At the heart of my plan is a proposal to create a $3,500 tax credit, which will cover more than 50% of the cost of tuition at a typical public institution and more than the full cost of tuition at a community college. The plan also includes maintaining the value of the Pell Grant by annually adjusting it to take into account the rising cost of college tuition.

I know that I have to work hard and earn everyone’s vote and I will not take any vote for granted. I know that America is ready for change, and I know that I have the strength and experience to make change happen.