Oprah's 'Mr. Man' to Appear on Show

Oprah’s ‘Mr. Man’ to Appear on Show

oprah_manOprah and “Mr. Man,” who has been identified as Sam  Perry. (Source: ABC News)

Don’t let the Queen of Daytime TV cry on your shoulder and expect to remain anonymous.

The man seen across millions of screens Tuesday night as Oprah Winfrey cried on his should as she listened to President-elect Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech, has been the talk of the 24-hour news shows, newspapers and blogs.

Who is he? they wondered. What does he have to do with Oprah? they queried. Where’s Steadman? others asked of Oprah’s longtime partner Steadman Graham.

He has been identified as Sam Perry, an Obama campaign worker from California.

Perry will appear with Winfrey Friday on a live episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Harpo Productions said. Winfrey thanked Perry on Wednesday, calling him “Mr. Man” for letting her cry on his shoulder, while noting that she didn’t know him.