(Part 1) Luxury and Adventure on a Budget: Maldives

(Part 1) Luxury and Adventure on a Budget: Maldives

Rent a Condo/Apartment: You’d be surprised how affordable penthouses and duplexes are in comparison to hotels. Check out Airbnb.com to find lavish rentals that are available during your intended stay.

Book with the hotel directly to avoid missing out on special deals/perks, such as free nights, airport transfers, and breakfast.

Can you share any tips and advice on things to do and see in the Maldives?
Speak with the hotel reservations manager directly. By doing so, I was able to negotiate and customize a special package that included my transfer and meals. Most resorts in the Maldives are only accessible by an additional transfer via seaplanes or speed-boats upon arrival at Male International Airport. Additionally, all-inclusive options are considered ‘add-ons’ and typically [are] not included in your nightly villa cost. Also, bring small denominations of cash for tipping. All other charges will go directly to your room/credit card.

Watch Nathan’s top things to do in Maldives: