BE Modern Man Spotlights - Passion to Purpose: Chef Aleem

[Passion to Purpose] Meet Celebrity Culinary Artist, Chef Aleem

BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Chef Aleem
Chef Aleem, Celebrity Chef and Author - Photo Credit: J "Johnny" Self
BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Chef Aleem
Chef Aleem, Celebrity Chef and Author – Photo Credit: J “Johnny” Self

“Simply put, there are not enough blacks or any people of color at the forefront of any field or endeavor,” Chef Aleem tells BE Modern Man. “In the rare instances where people of color are praised, they’re presented as the exception instead of the exceptional.”

Chef Aleem’s mold is completely different, and being the exception within his industry has only fueled his passion. When people hear the word “chef,” the connotation is typically white, female, and clean cut.

“I’m none of that,” says Chef Aleem. “I like dark shades, fine cigars, and I’m covered in tattoos. But still I’ve been a restaurateur, graduated magnum cum laude, and traveled the world catering. I’m about being comfortable in my look and even more confident in my work. It speaks for itself! I do me and hopefully people that watch me, grow comfortable in being themselves too.”

A man of strong character, Chef Aleem is attacking the goals he wishes to accomplish with passion and pride.

“My virtual cookbook How It’s Done includes recipes, Q & As, cooking tips, and more and is a first of its kind,” says Chef Aleem.”

Taking his nonprofit a step further than cooking, Chef Aleem plans to incorporate health and wealth into the lives of our young men and women.

“I want to create an interactive environment where kids learn how to budget, shop properly, create menus, and expose them to the business of catering as well as other food-related occupations.”

When asked what makes him a BE Modern Man, Chef Aleems’ answer was direct.

“Everything. I am a modern man! I stay in my own lane. As a chef most of my peers don’t look like me or move like me and I appreciate that because it distinguishes me from the rest. From my appearance, even down to the way I present my cookbooks. I’m modern, I’m a man, I’m (Chef) Aleem.”

The team salutes Chef Aleem for breaking the traditional mold. From redefining the traditional cookbook, to being an inspiration to our youth, Chef Aleem is setting a new standard for the modern day chef.  We look forward to seeing the growth of Chef Aleem and encourage everyone to try one of his recipes. Bon Appétit!

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