BE Modern Man Spotlights - Passion to Purpose: Pervis Taylor III
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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 BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Pervis Taylor III

Pervis Taylor III, Life and Identity Coach, Author - Source: Unknown

Authenticity and transparency is a big part of the Pervis Taylor III brand messaging and he takes pride in being who he says he is, even when no one is looking. “I’m honest about my struggles and mistakes, but I own and know for certain who I am,” says Taylor. Growing up in the hyper-masculine South, Taylor stuck out like a sore thumb. “My manhood and sexuality were questioned daily. I didn’t’ think there was a place for me in the world, however I was willing to stay in the fight and look what happened. Against all hope I believed God had a purpose for me. Now the tools that kept me in the fight I now share with others.”

What he shares has helped a lot of men process through their brokenness and helped them heal. His honest narrative to many men and young men has shifted their definition of manhood and being a man of color. He effused, “Whether we realize it or not we are being fed messaging about black men on the daily. Showcasing men of color who are shifting and defying the cultural stereotypes on how black men are being portrayed in the media is critical as we move forward. I truly love helping people and especially young men of color become great.”

Taking his passion to the next level, Taylor says, “being a BE Modern Man means to be a world-changer and culture shifter focused on leaving a legacy for others to take hold of.”

The team congratulates Pervis Taylor III for living out his passion and in turn helping so many find their purpose. We look forward to seeing the impact Taylor has on our young BE Modern Man hopefuls and the lives he touches on a daily basis.

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